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Spain Tech 2 USA was created to help technology companies from Spain to come to the United States and develop their businesses. We want to encourage these companies to reinforce their projects and show them to the world.

Experience of working at US tech companies and doing business with hundreds of US and global companies (Microsoft, Google, Aptiv, Facebook, HTC, NASA, Navy, Nike, Medtronics, HP, Unity to name a few) has allowed a reciprocal relationship. understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the US market.

The challenges facing newcomers to the US are numerous, often unknown, and conclusive in terms of success or failure. A trusted partner is the key element to increase the success rate.


Based on experience and success stories


Spain Tech 2 USA become part of your team


Extensive knowledge of the technological market

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Partners in Spain and USA

Our US-based partners, team, and network master the ecosystem, culture, and marketing. Spain Tech 2 USA removes uncertainty and fear to scale innovative tech companies that want to become global players.

Spain Tech 2 USA also leverages a network of American Partners who provide areas of expertise in legal, contracting, patents and trademarks, branding, etc.

Services at affordable prices

Pay only for what you really need

Tailor-made packages throughout the project life cycle

We take Start-Ups/Techs from zero presence in the US to the execution of their business plan for the US market

We offer success, traction, scalability, market validation on the product and the expansion strategy, not just a plan to potentially get there

Reliable High Level Service

Our experience in the technological market and, above all, our results in it, are the best guarantee of high-level work.

SpainTec2USA was founded by Francisco Monteverde, with more than 30 years of experience in leadership positions in the technology sector (HP, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and 11 years as CEO of a technology start-up acquired by a US publicly traded company USA).

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