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Our Services

Spain Tech 2 USA was created to help technology companies from Spain to come to the United States and develop their businesses. A very small percentage of Spanish Tech Start-Ups venture outside of the Spanish market and struggle to create real value worth acquiring.

Those who embark on the globalization adventure and come to the United States often fail and rarely return. That also puts off others who may be thinking of taking the same journey.

Most entrepreneurs don't know how to take the plunge to expand into the US market. They do not have international experience, there are language barriers, legal obstacles and the necessary financing. 

Spain Tech 2 USA is the perfect partner to make the leap to the American market and helps to get more clients, higher billing per client and with more profit margin.

Business Meeting

Our Proposal

Spain Tech 2 USA overcomes all uncertainty and provides a seamless transition in becoming part of the client's team.

We tackle each piece of the puzzle to move from the local to the global.

The companies develop the product/service, we take care of making it reach the market and we deliver the solution.

One point of contact for bringing tech companies to the US We are a team to enable maximum productivity, efficiency and speed to market.

Spain Tech 2 USA supports these companies at different levels from market focus, sales, hiring the necessary employees to manage their business and succeed, etc... 

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Our Sales

We can also assume the commercialization of your products and services. Especially with high-level contacts from multinationals and opening markets in the US in the right sectors.

We develop outbound and inbound marketing campaigns to increase the reach of contact with customers and generate leads.

Get customer feedback to improve product, services, and processes (onboarding, product features, quality, usability, support, documentation, pricing, sales, cancellations, etc.) and track progress, including the factors of satisfaction and the demands not covered.

We can also hire the specialized sales team by sector with knowledge of the market, customer base, relationships, etc.

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Our Original Values

Support in the areas needed to be successful:

Business Services –

Company creation, legal requirements, team building, market analysis, business plan, market validation, go to market, executive management…

Develop confidence, comfort and facilitate decision making.

We are experts in Tech companies, from large to SMEs, in Spanish and American companies.

We become part of your team to allow the Founders to be the ones to succeed

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